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Cross Browser Cookies

I've been experimenting with a way to make cookies carry across different browsers on the same machine. Currently it only works with Windows, I'm not sure if there's anyway to do it on a mac. You can see an example here.

I've wrapped it up in an easy to use JavaScript library, once included (requires jQuery and SWFObject) there are just two calls.

This will save the current cookie to the cross browser store.

This will load the cross browser store as a cookie.

Download the code and examples.

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Friend links

I just updated an old greasemonkey script I wrote some time ago. When you type a friends name into a textarea it will add a link to their blog from a predefined list. I've extended it using Jeremys little inline microformat pattern. As demonstrated in that link to his site. Now on any sites you choose (set them in GM settings, it runs on all by default) you can have hCards and XFN wrapped around your friends names as you type.

Download the script here. After installing it reload the page, then go to Tools>Greasemonkey>User Script Commands>Edit Friends Names.

Question: The outer tag is a span, to hold the vcard class. Now would a cite be more suitable here? In most use cases I can think of (eg. referring to people from blogs) you are essentially citing that person in some way. Does anyone else agree?


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