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Snap Off!

Has anyone noticed a surge in the use of those annoying mouse over popup things from snap? My first thought was "god they're annoying", second thought was more useful though, "that needs a greasemonkey script" so here's one.

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Ma.gnolia Ma.gnolia is a bookmark sharing site, quite similar to del.icio.us. I've been hearing lots of good things about it for a few months and got around to setting up an account last week (you can import from del.icio.us). I used OpenID and hit a little bug that caused me some problems signing up, I told them about it and they sent me all this sticker booty as a reward :) Far more than I need, I'll bring it to GeekUp on Thursday if anyone wants some. Ma.gnolia looks pretty good so far too, they fixed the bug!

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OpenCoffee Liverpool

After the success of the last event we're really looking forward to the next one. We've got people heading over from all over the North West, entrepreneurs, creatives and investors. We'll be hosting it in Hemingways on Duke St again, it's a nice relaxed informal atmosphere, and the coffee's not bad! Put your name down at Upcoming

Tuesday 17th July, 10-12

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Thom Shannon's background in making chips gives him a unique insight into the web development industry. As the Technical Director of Glow New Media he works with clients across the UK to deliver high quality web marketing solutions using the latest techniques, accessibility practices, and web standards in both straight and crinkle cut.

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