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Media Scaremongering

This whole WiFi scare thing has really got going again since the panorama programme last night. Good to see the blogosphere so quick to expose poor journalism and for it find its way into the mainstream. I didn't watch the programme myself so I'll avoid commenting on it, but if you did see it and feel the need to complain you can do it here.

I fear there may be some people out there who are reading these articles and dismissing them, thinking it's a bunch of techy people defending their beloved wifi networks. I'd like to point out that the subject of this debate is not about whether WiFi networks are safe or not, but what evidence the media have presented and how. Although all sensible experts agree that based on current knowledge it is extremely unlikely that wifi will cause any problems, I'm sure those same experts will agree its not impossible that there is some unknown factor, it's happened before. I for one am pretty happy with the risk, just as I am when I step outside braving the very real (yet slim) chance that I may be struck down by lighting on a clear sunny day.

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Yahoo! Hackday London

Hack Day: London, June 16/17 2007I've just received my invite to Hackday (does anyone else see scambled text on that page or is it just me? [forget that, i just looked at the js... why??]), I was getting a little bit worried that I might not be going! I've had a few ideas for hacks but none of them are really screaming "winner" at me. If you're not going but have a really good idea, email me the details and if I win I'll send you a Mars Bar, (now with added beef)

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Google Reader

One of my pet hates about google reader is not being able to see how many unread items are on a feed in the left pane when it's title is more than about a dozen letters. Thankfully Jon Hicks has put together this really nice Stylish theme which sorts it all out.
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