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Star Wars names

Have you ever noticed how so many web startups have names that sound like Star Wars characters? Have a go at this quiz and see if you can spot which is which. http://www.cerado.com/web20quiz.htm I scored 31. Via Jeremy

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I noticed yesterday that the guys over at blogger had decided my blog was worthy of note, so for the last 24 hours I've been on the blogger homepage as Tuesdays blog of note.
Blogger homepage screenshot
Exhibit A
For all you hundreds of people following that link, let me introduce myself, my name is Thom, I am a web developer working in Liverpool (UK). I recently started up my own company with someone else, we'll be doing all sorts of bespoke web applications and helping people with internet marketing. I've been in this business for about 8 years now. A couple of people have asked me to link to them because they're desperate for all the traffic they can get. So in the spirt of spreading the hyperlink love, here's a little shout out:

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Our Creative Space

We've just agreed to take an office in Liverpool, with an amazing view out across the river, you can just make out the Welsh mountains in the distance.
Moving in on the 1st of March, first thing I need to get is a fridge to chill the champagne :)

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Windows Safari?

I like to think of myself as quite a creative and visual developer, I like design, I'm aware of aesthetics and I get a lot of satisfaction from a good UI, but I do not use a Mac, and have no intention of doing so. I need Windows because I learned on MS tools and this is my home, and no one has convinced me to move. The problem is I develop for the web and I want everyone to get the same sense of satisfaction from my UI as I do, I test my sites in as many browsers as I can. At the company I've just left there are a number of Apple Macs, they even have a couple of dedicated test machines with VNC installed. Now I'm leaving to go into business, just two of us, and a Mac suddenly seems like a rather expensive luxury. I've been looking into a few alternatives, there are screen capture services that send you a screenshot of your site in Safari for a small fee, which is no use for testing an interactive UI. Then I spent some time trying to install OpenDarwin, I read that the browser engine of Safari was open source (branched from KHTML) so figured that the browser in OpenDarwin would be based on that and work similar to Safari. I was trying to install it in a virtual machine and couldn't even get it to boot once I'd spent two days trying to install! I also saw on their site that the OpenDarwin project is now dead. A little more research and I came across a project to port the Safari engine (WebKit) to windows and wrap it up in a browser GUI! It's called Swift and although still very young, it looks promising. I've just used it to test the new ASP.Net AJAX Toolkit and I am totally amazed by how much of it works! There are a couple of bugs with innerHTML and opacity filters, but these are probabably to do with server side browser sniffing, if I can tell ASP.Net AJAX to treat Swift as Safari then it will probably all work perfectly. The really cool controls, like MaskEdit, just work already though. This isn't going to be a perfect replacement for Safari, but it will mean I can nag my MacFan friends a lot less.

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It's back! The last one was great and I totally recommend it to everyone even slightly interested in the web. Don't be put off by the fact that you're expect to lead a session, everyone is very chilled out and the groups are small, there's also a lot of other first timers or nervous speakers. The great thing is the mix you get of the seasoned conference folk, like Jeremy Keith, Andy Budd, Aral Balkan, Matt Webb and more, along with the newer people who still have plenty of things to say. At BarCamp everyone is equal, we're all speakers and we're all delegates, and it makes it so much more interactive and rewarding for everyone. Thanks to Ian for sorting this all out, as far as I know it's just him organising at the moment.
BarCampLondon Ian has this logo in a few formats on his blog, so go and post one up.

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Vista MSDN

I just got my January update from MSDN, with the final release of Vista. I flicked through and grabbed the ISOs disk and mounted them in a Virtual PC. After an hour or so of it chugging away going through each of the 4 ISOs, it pops up asking for Disk 5. I didn't see a disk 5, so I check again, no disk 5 there. I googled and found this on the MSDN subscribers blog.
We Goofed! As I was putting together today’s blog post, an alert subscriber emailed indicating that DVD 2429.5 from the January DVD media shipments is missing the CD ISO image for Windows Vista (English) - Disc 5. We’re in the process of correcting this on our end and anticipate sending an updated disc to affected DVD subscribers in the March 2007 shipment.
Argh! That's a wasted evening, admittedly I should have just used the DVD version, not the ISO disk, but I was in a hurry.

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