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Blogger Comment Feeds

I don't think I'm the only person who finds it difficult to remember what blog posts they've commented on and fails to check back on the conversation, many blog applications let you subscribe to a feed of the comments, but not blogger. So a little while ago I wrote a script that will screen scrape and parse up the comments page, and give you an RSS feed. It's not perfect but it's worked ok so far, I use it on my blog here to offer a comment feed on each individual post. Thats great as long as everyone starts using it and I can subscribe to all the post comments I want, but not everyone does use it. So I also wrote a greasemonkey script that gives me a subscribe button on every blogger comments page. More info here.

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Rich flickr comments for photos and discussions

This is a simple greasemonkey script that gives you a nice familiar rich text editor for the comment boxes on flickr. It will work with comments and group discussions. It also lets you quickly and easily reference one of your own pictures straight off your photostream. You will need greasemonkey and firefox. FlickrCommentsTools.user.js

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BarCamp London

I just received an email from Ben telling me I've been promoted to the BarCamp attendees list. No idea what to present about! I'm considering either something very geeky and techy like writing greasemonkey scripts, or something high level like why goverment agencies should be forced to open up their data (ie, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail) Neither of which I am an expert on, but I think I could manage to fill half an hour :-/
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Another blog

After spending far too much time messing around with different hosts and trying to install SubText, I've decided to go with a blogger account. It's quick, it's easy, it'll do. If you want decent windows hosting, I suggest you don't go to 1&1.
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Thom Shannon's background in making chips gives him a unique insight into the web development industry. As the Technical Director of Glow New Media he works with clients across the UK to deliver high quality web marketing solutions using the latest techniques, accessibility practices, and web standards in both straight and crinkle cut.

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